Haydn’s Wish is a charitable trust set up in memory of 9-year old Haydn Wileman, an asthma sufferer who died suddenly and unexpectedly from an anaphylactic reaction to peanut. Haydn and his family were not aware that he had an allergy.

The two main aims of Haydn’s Wish are:

  • To raise awareness of the link between asthma & allergies
  • To raise funds for medical research into asthma & allergies

Although Haydn’s Wish was first established as a local charity based in Newhaven, East Sussex, with close links to the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, recently we have been spreading our influence further afield.

We’re proud of our national awareness programme, where we travel around the UK, visiting schools and exhibitions to talk to children, parents, teachers about the link between asthma and allergies. And, of course, we can reach the rest of the world via our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Haydn’s Wish is dedicated to improving knowledge, and raising awareness, of the link between childhood asthma & potentially fatal allergies.

What is the mission of Haydn’s Wish?

The mission of Haydn’s Wish is to make children and their parents aware of the potential dangers of undiagnosed allergies.

Over 1.1 million children across the UK have been diagnosed with asthma[AST15]

If your child develops symptoms such as allergies, eczema or hay fever, or you feel that their allergic reactions are getting worse, speak to your GP or another healthcare professional.



[AST15] Asthma UK Facts. Available at: http://www.asthma.org.uk/news-centre/facts-for-journalists/ Last accessed February 2015.

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