Haydn was a funny, loving, compassionate, exuberant 9 year old who died from an anaphylactic reaction to peanut in his breakfast cereal.

Haydn had never been tested for allergies because, although his family were well-informed about both preventing and coping with asthma attacks, the link between asthma and allergy had not been considered by the medical team.

He had suffered from asthma for much of his life and had been hospitalised several times by severe asthma attacks, yet that didn’t stop him from leading life to the full. He loved to play football and climb trees and when he wasn’t dashing about, he always had his head in a book.


Haydn passed away from anaphylaxis to peanut in his breakfast cereal. His wish would have been for every child to grow up.

Haydn was an avid supporter of research into children’s asthma and took part in several research studies at the Academic Department of Paediatrics, Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

The Trust, therefore, is dedicated to raising awareness of the link between asthma and allergies, in addition to raising funds to support this research in the hope that other families can be spared the devastation that hit ours.

We know that our lovely boy would be so proud that the cause named after him helps to save lives.

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