When your child is first diagnosed with an allergy or allergies, initially you will probably feel relieved that you know the cause of all the symptoms they’ve been suffering with.

After this you may feel quite isolated and worried, especially if no-one in your immediate circle of family or friends has experienced allergies before. You may feel like wrapping your child up in cotton wool at first, but once you start taking positive steps to manage their allergy you will be able to unwind a little!

The most important thing you can do is to stick to the medical advice you’ve been given for your child. Make sure they take their medicines when they’re supposed to – especially any regular preventative treatments – as these will help to stop allergic reactions in the first place.

You should also avoid any allergy triggers such as food, dust mites and pet fur, see the Managing Allergens section for more help on this. If your child is at school or college, let the staff know what they can do to help too.

Don’t forget your GP and/or specialist are important partners in managing your child’s allergy and their advice doesn’t stop once you’ve got a diagnosis! So if you need medical support, then please contact them.

You may also need emotional support when dealing with allergies for the first time. It can be hard when judgemental friends or acquaintances say ‘allergies are trivial’ or you’re just ‘making a fuss’.

If this is the case, then remember you are not alone! Allergies are a medical condition and now extremely common: up to 50% of children in the UK have an allergy.

Unfortunately Haydn’s Wish isn’t big enough yet to have our own support line. But we’ve teamed up with Allergy UK for our TV advert & recommend calling their helpline or contacting them for a Live Chat if you need practical advice or emotional support. Having a chat to Allergy UK will hopefully make you feel more able to cope with your child’s allergy.

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